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Everyone seems to be selling the most energy efficient windows in North America these days. But how many of them can actually prove it? Energy efficiency doesn't just come from the coating on your glass or the seal of your window (which, in case you were wondering, is air tight on ours) but rather, is achieved through an array of often overlooked elements. We encourage you to take the time and truly understand how we've engineered THE MOST ENERGY EFFICIENT WINDOWS IN NORTH AMERICA.

The retractable Solar Screen and Thermal Blind make up Energy Blind Technology and are pushing architectural design and sustainability to new heights. They allow for the unique adaption of your home's interior environment to best suit the weather conditions outside. They are also the only product that effectively solves the balancing act in regions that experience all four seasons.

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The solar screen gives you the flexibility to control how much natural light and heat from the sun enters through your home's windows. In warmer, sunnier conditions, the application of the solar screen blocks the sun's rays from heating your home; lowering your cooling bills. In colder but sunnier temperatures the flexibility to retract the screen allows you to capitalize on the sun's heat and use it to lower your heating bills. The screen also eliminates glare and UV ray penetration from fading your home's furniture and upholstery.

When applied, the thermal blind doubles the insulating value of your windows, trapping more warm or cold air inside your home without having to sacrifice a loss in natural light or heat gain during the day that can be used to reduce heating costs at colder temperatures. By limiting how hard your heating and or cooling system have to work to maintain desired interior temperatures you can dramatically reduce your utility bills and C02 emissions. The thermal blind also completely blocks light penetration, providing 100% privacy and added security.

Climaguard Glass

We formulate our own glass units to meet specific solar and energy-control needs of different building materials, regions, and climates. Our ability to customize each and every individual glass unit allows us to focus on your specific preferences. If you desire the best in energy efficiency, we can tailor your glass unit, with glazing, coatings, spacers and specific glass types to do just that.

Multi-Chamber Pocketed Frame

The air within our strategically engineered air pockets inside the windows steel reinforced frame adapts with the temperature outside to maximize the windows insulating value and energy efficiency.

HI FLO Drainage System

Our patented polycarborbonate drain eliminates the buildup of water while simultaneously preventing the penetration of drafts so that all of our windows are able to maintain the energy- efficient performance they were designed to create.

Slide' N Hide retractable BUG Screen

The NFRC uses Insulating Value (U value), Visual Transmittance (VT), and the Solar Heat Gain Coefficient (SHGC) as their three main criteria to assess a window's energy efficient performance. Insect screens block up to

50% of a window's Visual Transmittance (VT) or the amount of natural light that enters through a home and 50% of a windows Solar Heat Gain Coefficient (SHGC) or the amount of heat transmitted from the outside into your home through your windows. The Retractable Slide N Hide bug screen can improve ea window's efficiency by over 30%, by simply allowing more VT and a higher SHGC.

Highest Achievable Results

Window Type Insulating Value
(U Value)
Solar Heat Gain

*Triple glazed units, which show as double pane units have same insulating value as triple glazed units VT of 0: Thermal blind fully blocks out light penetration

Fixed Picture Window 47
     Magic Series *0.13
     Dynamic Series *0.13
0.17-0.56 0.00-0.61
Casement 38
     Magic Series *0.17 *0.14-0.36 0.12-0.45
     Dynamic Series 0.17 0.12-0.45 0.00-0.49
Vertical Slider 34
     Magic Series 0.25 0.17-0.54 0.33-0.59
     Dynamic Series
0.20 0.15-0.54 0.00-0.59
Horizontal Slider 34
     Magic Series 0.26 0.17-0.54 0.33-0.59
     Dynamic Series 0.21 0.13-0.54 0.00-0.59
Patio Door 37
     Ultimate Glider 0.18 0.15-0.51 0.33-0.56
     Ultimate Dynamic Glider Awaiting Results

Energy Star

Magic Window Innovations exceeds all of Energy Star's requirements, which means that our windows can improve a home's efficiency by over 40%, and that's without incorporating our Energy Blind Technology.

NFRC Performance

The NFRC is the recognized leader in energy performance rating and certification programs for windows, doors, and skylights in North America. Their ratings provide a fair, accurate, and reliable standard for architects, homeowners, and contractors to compare different products and make informed decisions. Click here to learn more.