Barrie , ON

If you are in need of house window replacement in Barrie, our company provides just what you are looking for. The vinyl windows we offer provide the safety and look you need for any home. The revolutionary window replacements here at Magic Windows Innovations offer customers windows that are “easy-clean” thanks to their features that make it possible to rotate or tilt them inward to safely and better maintain both side. Our “no crank” windows also feature retractable blinds and screens.

The windows of your home are often unrecognized heroes. They work hard to keep you safe from the outdoors, offer an aesthetic appeal to your house, and provide a way to let natural light in. Magic Window Innovations take pride in providing homeowners in Canada with the best in window replacement in Barrie. We are committed to remaining at the leading edge of the window industry. We are constantly pursuing new ways to provide our customers with innovative window solutions.

With our array of products for house window replacement, Barrie residents won’t have to worry about finding the right windows for their needs. Our windows are not only designed to meet customer’s design preferences, but to meet their needs for energy efficient windows as well. No matter what size windows you need for your home, or what style you are looking for, we have the perfect vinyl window products for you.

Our innovative technology allows us to offer innovative window solutions of any size, no matter how big or how small, providing the best in window replacement Barrie has ever seen. From the smallest window in your home to an entire wall made up of windows, we can help you create a house with the windows you’ve been dreaming of. With our technology, there’s also no worries about loss of performance, function, or energy efficiency.

Easy and seamless installation was kept in mind when designing our vinyl windows, offering the best experience for window replacement in Barrie. Our window at Magic Window Innovations provide the tightest fit thanks to our custom sizing. This creates a strong and unbroken thermal seal for your home. For a free consultation, call us today at (905) 856-8805.

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