The Revolutionary Window Wall

The Best Glass Window Wall Systems

The Window Wall is revolutionary. It’s constructed of glass panels that operate independently from one another, so that you can manipulate and customize the Window Wall’s opening to whatever size you desire. Therefore, the same Window Wall could be made as small as an entry door or as large as an entire wall. The Window Wall also features a retractable screen system that has the ability to stop along any point of the opening, allowing you to apply the screen no matter how many panels are opened or closed.

Award-winning Parallex Hardware rids The Window Wall of any moving parts and hinges making the entire product maintenance free. To close, the Window Wall’s panels interlock into one another which creates an air tight compression seal and contributes to the system’s grade 40 security rating – the highest attainable security rating for a product in its class.

Like all of our products, nearly every aspect of the Window Wall is customizable including panel size, grills, colour and more. The Window Wall also features all of our patented technology including the Hi Flo drainage system, Hybrid Fusion Frame, and the ability to incorporate Energy Blind Technology.

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